Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If You Can't Get Your Kid to Turn Off the Game, It's Your Problem, Lady

Apparently, there are parents out there who haven't a clue on controlling their kids. Who knew?

A Boston mom actually called 911 because she couldn't get her 14-year-old to stop playing "Grand Theft Auto" at 230am. He also committed other 911-involving acts - like walking around the house and turning on the lights.

For wasting the time of the Boston PD and the money of the Boston taxpayers, I think this woman should be required to take some parenting classes. I mean, really. She could have:

1. Said no and meant it.
2. Unplugged the game system/television.
3. Taken away the game system.
4. Threatened a punishment (grounding, taking away television/electronics/cell phone)... and followed through.

It's not rocket science.


Anonymous said...

I see you are clueless as to the determination of 14-years - old..Especially when the gov., has taken away parental control. where do we draw the line when 5 year - old children are trained through the school system to call the police if they are punished at home.

Note: I do not advocate corporal punishment or abuse. BUT as parent I sometimes wonder, where do we really draw the line? How do we manage and control our kids when the government has stripped our rights.

Clarissa said...

She could have also stopped helicoptering and let the adolescent to learn to make at least such a small and insignificant decision on his own. And then she will wonder why he is still snoozing on her couch at age 30.

Becca Anne said...

I totally agree with you! I knew when my parents said no...there'd be heck to pay if I didn't obey. I guess it starts off young, though. Regardless, I still believe kids should respect their parents!