Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ha! No Wonder!

Being a natural born Nodak (North Dakotan), I thought my Minnesota percentage would be higher by default. This actually explains why I get along with so FEW Minnesotans!

You are 25% Minnesotan

You're not an urban Minnesotan, that's for sure, but you should visit sometime! It's a nice place with nice people!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Back in March and April of this year, I had interviewed for a lead position at the local offices of a worldwide firm. I wanted this job so bad, I could taste it... until I got to know them. Eventually, after jumping through multiple hoops, I refused to continue being the poodle with the sequined collar and pulled myself out of the running.

They still haven't filled the position. Or they have, lost the hiree, and had to readvertise again... and again... and again. *grin* Over six months-time, I've seen the same job readvertised four times. Most recently, just a few days ago. There are only two reasons I can imagine that they are still looking to fill this position. First, they play the same ridiculous run-around games with other applicants. Two, their bad reputation precedes them.

I wonder how many times they advertised before I applied back in February?

Oh... and my car is already done! Just a totally dead battery. Entire electrical system checked out A-OK.

The Universe Steps In

It's been one helluva busy year. Yesterday alone I was scheduled for 12 out of 24 hours. Today, at least 5 of my workday hours were spoken for running back and forth across the cities for meetings.

Then the Universe stepped in...

... in the form of my car breaking down.

And I'm not upset in the least. Why?

1. I now have a perfectly good and valid excuse for not hauling my cookies all over town.
2. I can get a lot more necessary work done right here at my desk.
3. I've never had to make payments on this car. It was a greatly appreciated gift out of life insurance payouts from my uncle's will many years ago. I don't bitch about the occasional repair.
4. Within an hour I was able to call my regular garage, get someone to tow it there, and I'll probably get it back before the end of the day.
5. Frankly, I needed the - albeit relative - break. If this was the only way I could get it - so be it.

When I set about owning my own business and making the conscious decision to grow it, I knew there would be days, weeks, even months like these. As a small business owner, being overly busy are the problems you HOPE to have. Not having enough business is what nightmares are made out of.

I was forced to cancel two meetings - my clients were understanding. They trust that the deadlines will still be met.

So, thank you, Universe, for giving me the break I wouldn't give myself!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tootin' My Own Horn

Now that I have your attention -- no, that was not a euphemism.

As well as being a professional writer and PROLIFIC blogger (Hey, YOU! Yes, YOU! Stop laughing!), I also make movies. Well, let's say I *help* make movies.

Damn. I'm no good at tootin' my own horn. Let me try again.

I'm part of Stone Soup Films, an independent film group in the Twin Cities. We've just finished our first feature-length film, "Pray for Daylight". If you like vampires, chicks with guns, chicks with swords, chicks fighting, great original music AND a good story made by budget filmmakers with a lot of heart, see this film. We're working on distribution channels right now and hope to have it available for purchase soon.

Check out our 60-second trailer on Google Video!

While you're there, why not watch some of our earlier films that helped us gain wisdom in the ways of video production?

Steve the Vampire - Our first short and the first appearance of Cassie Banning, Vampire Hunter!

The Thing That Happened - Hate art house films? So do we! Scary clowns, insane carnival music and a poor French translation included!

Pray for Daylight: Hunter - More adventures of Cassie Banning. A great primer for the Pray for Daylight feature film.

Stone Soup Films isn't out to make a statement or change the world, we just want to be able to entertain our audience. So, if you want to forget the world for a few minutes, get a bowl of popcorn, sit back, and enjoy!

Long time, no see...

I just realized that I completely skipped the month of July in Blogworld.

Recipe for Lack-O-Blog Stew

1 Fantastic 3-Day Weekend at CONvergence
1 4-Day Business Trip of Mixed Reactions
8 Evenings of daughter's soccer games and practices
2 Extra Business Contracts
2 Kids Who Would Like to See their Mom - Sometime
1 Booze-Filled Actor Commentary Recording
10 lbs. of Compressed Work Deadlines
Dash of Salt
Add Stress to Taste

Let simmer for 31 days .

There was SO MUCH to write about. Seriously. CONvergence and the business trip left me with tons of blog fodder. I'll try to be good. I'll try to write.