Monday, July 09, 2007

Hailing Frequencies Open, Captain

Snagged from Anomalous Data.

Your results:
You are Uhura

You are a good communicator with a pleasant soft-spoken voice. Also a talented singer.

Uhura - 65%
Will Riker - 60%
Mr. Sulu - 60%
Deanna Troi - 60%
Beverly Crusher - 55%
Worf - 50%
Jean-Luc Picard - 45%
Geordi LaForge - 40%
James T. Kirk (Captain) - 40%
An Expendable Character (Redshirt) - 40%
Spock - 32%
Chekov - 30%
Mr. Scott - 30%
Leonard McCoy (Bones) - 25%
Data - 15%

Click here to take the Star Trek Personality Test

Friday, July 06, 2007

Size Does NOT Make A Difference

Get your mind out of the gutter!

I'm talking about clothing size. Sheesh!

I was doing laundry last night. As I folded some old tshirts - 10-year old tshirts - I glanced at the size label. They were marked L (Large). No surprise. Being, um, *blessed* in womanly curves, even if I weighed less, I simply don't have the body type to wear a Small.

Here's the thing. Those particular old tshirts are huge on me... always have been. I haven't changed that much in 10 years. However, yesterday I went to the very same store, bought the very same brand tshirt, and had to buy an XXL in the Women's department -- not Misses.

The brand new XXL (Extra Extra Large) is form-fitting on me. The 10-year-old L (Large) is huge on me. I held them up together. The XXL is less than 3/4 the width of the L.

If there's any proof of the fashion industry sizing-down clothing, this would be it.

Next year, I'm looking forward to trying out the new Giganta-size baby tees.

In Honor of CONvergence 2007

This weekend, Science Fiction and Fantasy fans will gather for the geek Bacchanalia lovingly known as CONvergence. If you have one nerdly bone in your body, come and join in the fun. This is one of the best run conventions in the country.

  • Great discussion panels run at all hours.
  • Guests of Honor mingle with convention goers. (Ever had a drink with Gowron?)
  • Two 24-hour movie rooms - 1 anime, 1 everthing else (with free snacks).
  • BIG dealer room - everything from shiney, sharp steel to well, everything else fandom related.
  • GAMING - all varieties
  • Themed room parties
  • If it's Science Fiction-y or Fantasy, you'll find it here.

There are kid-friendly things, and Avindair and I bring our kids for part of the day, but the evenings belong to drinking, partying geekdom. In honor of the fun to come, please enjoy "The Philosopher's Drinking Song" from Monty Python!

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
Who was very rarely stable.

Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
Who could think you under the table.

David Hume could out-consume
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, [some versions have 'Schopenhauer and Hegel']

And Wittgenstein was a beery swine
Who was just as schloshed as Schlegel.

There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach ya
'Bout the raising of the wrist.
Socrates, himself, was permanently pissed.

John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
On half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.

Plato, they say, could stick it away--
Half a crate of whisky every day.

Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle.
Hobbes was fond of his dram,

And René Descartes was a drunken fart.
'I drink, therefore I am.'

Yes, Socrates, himself, is particularly missed,
A lovely little thinker,
But a bugger when he's pissed.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

TAGGED: 8 Things About Me...

CubeZoo has tagged me to reveal 8 random things about myself.


1. All right, here are the rules.
2. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.
3. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
4. People who are tagged write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
5. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

8 Things About Me:

1. I lived in Germany for three years.

2. I'd rather live in Europe than in the U.S.

3. I played viola for 10 years.

4. I've been married for 20 years. Half my life and loving every day of it!

5. I have a degree in English, but almost decided to get a degree in Vocal Performance.

6. I'd love to refresh my French language skills.

7. I'd love to spend my life traveling the world.

8. I'm maddeningly eclectic.

Taggy-taggy-tag... You're IT! Anomalous Data, Saveau, MagicMarmot, MadBlonde, Illiante, Conrad Zero, ForeignHotel, and Miss Molly Grue.